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In transferring some encouraging words from Paul from e-mail to the Posts on Facebook and our website I chose to omit the following words as I felt they were words that belonged to the email and perhaps not to the post (editorial choice!!?)

“I am sending this email sitting in my car at Southend Hospital having brought Lisa here for her first Radiotherapy session and…..”

Paul quite rightly asked me to reinstate the words – after all he is no less immune to the problems of the real world than the rest of us.

Something in the back of mind prompted me to think that I had seen an article on “Caring for Pastors”.  My friend Tim posted this on Facebook

Knowing Tim for as long as I have, I knew that this was no random post – it was perhaps the cry of a concerned parent who lives over 100 miles away from his son.

To explain Tim is the father of Matt Rowe, the minister of Arbury Road Baptist Church in Cambridge where he serves and lives with his wife and young family.

The full article can be viewed by clicking

Caring for Pastors

The article is from Revd Amie Aitken who is pastor of Leslie Baptist Church, Fife, Scotland

Having read the article which makes some very good points, I wanted to reflect on the privilege we have at Hadleigh Baptist Church to have Paul and Michael as our Pastors.

They lead us with the help of the leadership team but essentially, they are one of us and face similar challenges to the rest of us.

All have a duty of care for the welfare of each other and that “each other” includes the Pastors and their families.

Paul and Michael have had to rapidly adjust to the situation we all now find ourselves in.  Who trained them to be experts in reflections as opposed to live worship for instance? So, the headlines from the article: –

  • Give them time and space
  • Give them grace for the decisions that they make
  • Be mindful of their limits – 100% of the congregation is affected by this crisis – that is not normal.
  • Provide Pastoral Care by perhaps by calling them and asking them how they are
  • Pray for them – maybe asking them what to pray for

We know that you are missing the privilege of worshipping and meeting together and of course this unavoidable.

We must thank Paul and Michael for: –

  • Excellent leadership
  • Insightful reflections
  • Encouraging communications
  • Good Pastoral care

Mike Jeffery

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